About Us

Since its incorporation in 1949, Health Care Credit Union has been providing financial services to the health care community in London and area while operating independent of any hospital affiliation. We offer a full range of traditional and internet banking services using the latest technology to more than 3,000 members.

Health Care Credit Union is committed to a collective approach to saving and to using these savings to provide loans at competitive rates to our members.

Meetings and Elections

At the annual membership meeting held each year, the board of directors reports to the membership on the past year's activities. As a member you have the right to elect or serve on the board. This body is responsible for setting all policies as permitted by the Credit Unions and Caisse Populaires Act and the Credit Union's by-laws.

Mission Statement

Health Care Credit Union’s purpose is to enable our members to achieve and sustain positive financial health and growth.


Health Care Credit Union will strive to be the financial service and product provider of choice to employees of the health care community, their families, and friends.


Values guide individual and organizational behaviour. Health Care Credit Union’s values are reflected in its Code of Conduct, which provides a common frame of reference for staff, management and the board in fulfilling the corporation’s mission and vision.